Persistent platforms like the Liquid Robotics Wave Glider and Webb Slocum Underwater Glider are changing the way ocean science is conducted. These persistent platforms enable interesting research in the democratization of large-scale experiments, e.g., the platforms have physical constraints with an objective to accomplish multiple (and potentially conflicting) science goals. How do the vehicles focus on the issues important to many? Additionally, these platforms are ideal for conducting education and outreach; teaching children and the general public about the multiple elements of large-scale science experiments.

The basic idea of this project is relatively simple – utilize crowd-sourced input to control vehicles in the ocean. Use the interface below to see the current location and path of the vehicle. Relevant science data is overlaid to inform you of the latest state of the ocean. Based on this information, select the next waypoint you would like the vehicle to execute. The server tallies all votes every 10 seconds, determines the consensus waypoint, validates this command, and updates the vehicle state (i.e., sends the command to vehicle). As long as your browser is open, the waypoint you have selected is entered as a vote every 10 seconds.

The Current Experiment - (ongoing):
We are analyzing how well a crowd can control a robot with specific science goals. The experiment represents a realistic simulation where a nitrate plume gets upwelled (comes to surface) in North Monterey bay, and starts advecting due to ocean currents, while simultaneously losing strength. The whole process takes 48 hours (represented by 48 mins in simulation), and then repeats seamlessly. 

Your mission is to submit waypoints that steer the robot to accumulate the maximum cumulative bloom score (nitrate value). Votes are counted every 10 seconds by the simulation server.

Although the nitrate bloom is running in simulation mode, you may actually be driving the actual robot at times. 

Scroll down to enter your waypoints...see what score you can achieve.